Sailing for everyone.

Broadening participation in sailing.

Broader Reach is a project of the Learn to Sail Program at Armdale Yacht Club. Located just minutes from Halifax's downtown and easily accessible by public transit, we are uniquely situated to provide access to recreational and competitive sailing for the broader community.

We partner with community organizations dedicated to serving new Canadians and folks who are under-represented in the sport of sailing. Through a mixture of support from provincial sport and recreational funding organizations as well as private donations, we are are able to offer these experiences at no cost to participants.

Broader Reach is made possible through the generous support, sponsorship, and volunteer contributions of many.

Our goal.

The Broader Reach Program's goal is to expand access to sailing to the broader community in the Halifax Regional Municipality and other communities in Nova Scotia. We believe that sailing is more fun when everyone has access to it. With ideal geography, sheltered waters and world-renowned sailing expertise in Nova Scotia, we believe that sailing should be a recreation for the many, and not merely the few.

What we've been doing.

Our Adult & Youth Program.

In 2021, we partnered with the YMCA of Greater Halifax to provide 11 Canadian newcomers with their first experiences sailing. Ranging in age from 11 - 21, these folks joined our adult & family learn to sail program participants on our Soling 26' keelboats.

Thanks to an equipment grant from Sport Nova Scotia, we were able to provide learning materials, PFDs, and all equipment necessary for these participants to receive in-class training and on-water coaching.

The 2021 Broader Reach Program was intended as a pilot project and learning experience for us to provide sail training through this type of arrangement. Through the skills we have developed and relationships we have forged, we will be reoffering this program in 2022.

Our Junior Program.

This year, Broader Reach will include a junior sailing program in addition to our Adult & Youth program. Our Junior Program will be taught in accordance with the CANSail 1-2 curriculum, open to ages 8-12. In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Halifax (Spryfield), Armdale Yacht Club will be reserving 10-12 spaces for junior sailors to participate through a no-cost opportunity.

Our location.

How you can help.


Volunteers play a major role in what we do. Broader Reach is run through Armdale Yacht Club's Sail Training Centre and relies on a combination of seasonal staff and committed volunteers. If you have an interest, we have a position for you. Whether you are an experienced sail training coach, have experience organizing community events, or just simply enjoy rigging and repairing sailboats, we would absolutely love to have your help. Please get in contact with us to let us know how you would like to help.

We are truly appreciative of every monetary contribution to our Program, no matter how big or small. If you are considering donating to us, thank you. These funds help us maintain our programs, build future capacity and improve the experience for Broader Reach participants. By donating to Broader Reach, you will be making a positive impact on your community and the sport of sailing. You can donate to Broader Reach in three ways: through direct donations managed by the National Sport Trust Fund - Nova Scotia Chapter, by participating in our monthly 50/50 Sport Split draw, or donating equipment!

Spread the word.

Broader Reach is one of a kind in Nova Scotia. No other organization is committed to actively recruiting new participants in sailing and offering a no-cost learning experience. A big part of our success depends on people knowing about our projects, goals and future plans. Please spread the word about Broader Reach on social media, and through your personal networks. The more people we can have interested and engaged in what we do, the more successful we can be in the long run.

Questions? Want to help us?